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Water DamageWhen the unexpected happens, Scott Brothers Homes has the expertise and experience to make you and your home whole again. 

Flood and water damage can happen anywhere. If you become a victim of the forces of nature, Scott Brothers Homes can restore your home's original beauty — back to the way it was before disaster struck. Because we build custom homes from the ground up, we understand exactly what goes into the construction of the floors, drywall, insulation, electrical components, plumbing systems, furnaces, basements and crawl spaces — everywhere and anywhere that even a small flood can cause major devastation.

At Scott Brothers Homes we take pride in repairing your water-damaged home to its beautiful pre-flood state. Oftentimes we can even make your home more environmentally safe and structurally sound than it was before the calamity. Our attention to detail and exceptional workmanship are guaranteed to ensure your peace of mind. Our flood damage repair services include:

  • Inspecting or replacing electrical components to prevent short circuiting
  • Treating or replacing carpeting to minimize microbial growth
  • Examining all affected areas for toxic mold and mildew problems
  • Ensuring mold spores will not become airborne
  • Replacing warped floors and walls
  • Dehumidifying and sanitizing your living space 

And let’s not forget the silver lining to those massive rain clouds. If your home needs extensive repairs on account of flooding, you might want to consider taking the opportunity to do some remodeling. After all, why stop at just making it right when you can actually make it better?

Of course we hope you never have to experience the ravages of a flood. But if you do, the caring professionals at Scott Brothers Homes can help re-hang the "Welcome Home" sign on your front door once again.

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